What is a vocalisation? A vocalisation, or sound, is the sound made by a degu to communicate with other degus and their owner. Much like a cat when they purr to show contentment, a degu's vocalisations can be very useful to help owners understand how their degu feels.

More vocalisations will be added in future.


Chittering (AKA chattering) is a very recognisable sound, and if you have had your degus for more than a day you'll have heard it at least once. Degus Chitter to let other people know they're happy or happy with what they are doing, and you will probably most likely hear them doing it while fighting with other degus...this of course means they are playfighting and there is nothing to be worried about.

Slow tooth grinding

If you can hear your degus grinding their teeth slowly, it means they are relaxed and there is nothing to worry about

Fast tooth grinding

If you can hear your degus grinding their teeth fast, it means they are agitated about something and probably too scared to make a louder noise that might alert predators.

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