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There's a lot of useful websites out there, and a lot of the info on this wiki was taken from them and re-collated into a more search-friendly format...wouldn't be right to not link to them as well :-)


Everyone's favourite source for reliable degu information, written by a professional and helpful degu owner.

Degu World
A forum filled with degu owners willing to impart their knowledge to others...your answer is just a question away and it may get added here as new information.


John Hopewell
Want a custom cage built by a professional who is recommended by Degutopia? Want some degu-specific specialty accessories? Look no further than here!

While the name suggests it sells items for chinchillas, it has a large collection of degu-friendly merchandise and they add "degu-safe" claims to those items that you can safely give to a degu. They also sell a number of unique items you can't get elsewhere. If you like to treat your degu, this site is well worth a visit and it's recommended by Emmz!

If you would like to add a new website to this list, please post the information into the discussion section and someone will take a look at the site and consider whether or not it should be added. If you CAN edit this page, please feel free to do so, it is protected against casual edits but if you have the ability you're allowed to.