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This information is specifically for people in the UK

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or RSPCA for short, is a well known and respected company in the UK that deals with cruelty to animals by prosecuting the offenders and treating the victims. There are SPCAs in other countries that do similar work, but this article is specific to the RSPCA in the UK and the services to degukind that they provide.

If you would like to find out more about your local RSPCA services, please use this search form.

Emergency veterinary treatment

If your degu has an urgent problem that needs treatment and it is out of hours or you do not have the money to pay a commercial vet then the RSPCA's emergency number is 0300 1234 999. This number is also the one you call if you are aware of cruelty to any animals. If you need general advice about your pet's well being and it could be considered an emergency, you can call your local RSPCA clinic or (if out of hours) the local animal hospital. Explain to them that it isn't an emergency and you're happy to call back if they're busy, and if they're not they will be happy to help you.

The RSPCA also "advertises" a veterinary service where you can call and speak to a qualified vet through but please be aware that this WILL cost money (dependant on whether you pay per-minute charges or one-off payment) and the RSPCA are given a percentage of the profits from this. If you're working and have the money (shouldn't cost more than £10) then this is the preferable option to take.


If you are looking for a degu (or other pet) then the RSPCA may be the answer. They will do a home check (provided by RSPCA volunteers) to confirm that you are suitable for the pet you wish to take, and if so then you'll be the proud new owner of a bundle of joy. The likelihood that you will find a degu with the RSPCA is low, but it couldn't hurt to take a look here and even if you can't find a degu you might find some other cutie that is in need of a home. Alternatively, look at our adoption page for possible sources for adopting a lovely little degu of your own.