If you would like to edit the wiki, please feel free, but please follow these rules for everyone's enjoyment.

Please don't correct other people's country specific spellings...typos are fine, but if an American spells it color it is offensive for you to change that to colour.

If you add something that you know is 100% factually correct and can back it up with websites, please feel free to. If someone else has provided proof for something you believe to not be true, please back up your claim with websites and an admin will make a decision on which is right after seeing comments from other users.

If you want to add something that you're not 100% sure of, please post it into a discussion page rather than a main page.

If you wish to start a new article, feel free to...please ensure you add the subject to the index as well though, if applicable (main pages are to be added, but sub-pages aren't...for instance, THIS page isn't in the index).

This wiki isn't 100% factual, some parts WILL be personal opinion. Respect other people's opinions and don't remove theirs when adding yours EVEN if it is contradictory...find a way to word it properly. If you believe their opinion to be inaccurate (for instance, dangerous to the degu) then bring it up in the discussion page and see what others think...if enough agree, an admin will agree to let you reword it and remove their opinion.

Edit wars will result in articles being locked from editing.

Lastly, if you're looking for something to do, here is a list of pages that do not exist (ignore the "system" ones that contain a : in them) but are linked to elsewhere in the wiki. Please spellcheck these links in case they actually exist under a different name but have been added incorrectly and make the appropriate changes if this is the case. If they do not exist, please feel free to add any articles you feel you are capable of writing. Other moderators will review your article and make necessary changes and additions if they feel inclined, and there is no need to conclusively complete your article unless you feel like doing so...there is also no need to complete it all in one go, just leave a note at the top stating it is a work-in-progress so others know. Another list of planned articles is at Planned Articles so feel free to peruse this list and take on creation of any that interest you.