So, is there insurance available for degus and what'll it cost?

Insurance is usually dependant on how many degus you own and their previous health history...I went onto exotic direct and they quoted over £106 for one degu and a little over £310 for 4 for the year, so that's about £25 a month or £6.25 each (approximately).

UK insurance companies - Link provided by a member of Degu World

US insurance companies

None available yet, but hopefully our US degu owners will give us the relevant info :-)

If you're unemployed or on a low income, and in the UK, the RSPCA have animal hospitals throughout the country at prices that'll suit your pocket, and the RSPCA is a trusted charity in the UK so will look after your degus.

If you'd rather not pay insurance costs, you could try keeping aside some money every week or month for in case you ever need it, but you HAVE to leave that money alone in case the worst happens, it's so easy to dip into it and "borrow" some money.