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What is a degu exactly? Pronounced Day-Goo, they are of the sub-order Cavimorph (sub to rodents) considered to be a cross between a guinea pig and a chinchilla (both also Cavimorphs), with a small bit of rabbit (Lagomorphs, which is a separate order to rodents) thrown in for good measure. A degu is a pest from Chile. They are also a species in their own right who just share traits with the aforementioned other species of animal. More recently they became research subjects because of their intolerance to sugar and susceptibility to Diabetes, but if you're here it's because to you they're a cute pet to own. Degus have a long lifespan compared to most pets, largely due to the fact that they require so much careful attention and care that their owners tend to make sure they're well looked after, and captive degus have been known to live 16+ years [1]...way longer than their lifespan in the wild (mostly due to predators and their inability to realise that certain foods will kill them over time).

Degus are also highly intelligent compared to most rodents (and it's debated whether degus are even rodents at all). They are also infinitely tameable, and all it takes is a little patience every day and some oats or other treats to train them to do all sorts of stuff. Degus are also incredibly diverse and much like other pets there are so many things that will surprise you when you see your degu doing it

Degus are also highly social animals and they live in their HUNDREDS in the wild. If you own a single degu without good reason and you have no intention of purchasing another to keep them company (and the "single degu" article hasn't swayed your opinion), please leave this wiki're not welcome!

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  1. The record for oldest degu in captivity is over 16 other degu is on record as living this long, obviously